Men's Fashion Watches That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

If you are a person with stylish looks who wear a formal dress then your style is incomplete without a wristwatch. A wristwatch not only helps to elevate your personality it’s also helpful to enhance your style. Here we are going to represent the best of men’s fashion watches that will defiantly make you stand out from the crowd.

It is important to take a look at the different types of watches that are available in the market. You have a lot of choices from simple analog watches to luxury watches according to your budget and needs. If you found a luxury watch too expensive don’t worry about that you can go for Swiss replica Rolex watches that are not heavier on your wallet.

The following list of beautiful and stylish watches for men will definitely help you to choose the perfect one for yourself.

1. Visconti Abyssus 3000M

Visconti is a famous Italian watchmaker brand that is making beautiful and luxurious timepieces since 1988. If you are fond of Italian fashion then no other brands can replace this watch. This watch with 45mm dial is powered with automatic movement.

The dial is beautifully crafted with black and blue hues with orange marks that can easily attract a person’s attention. A Rose gold dial with a textured black leather strap is a perfect combination. The unique style of the crown and push button of this watch makes it stand out from other men’s fashion watches.

2. Versace Greca Action Chrono

If you are brand conscious and love to buy and wear branded watches then Versace is a perfect choice for you. Watches by Versace are made for those who always want to stand out among others and love to show their worth in public. The Versace Greca Action chronograph watch comes in a dual-tone chain (yellow-gold and silver) and white dial. The 45mm dial of this watch is stylized with Versace’s iconic pattern. The inner dial contains beautiful gold and white hour marks with the Versace logo at 12’O clock.

Besides the main crown, you find two push buttons for chronograph functions. At the 4’O clock position, you can track the current date. Small dials on the main dial are designed to represent the day, elapsed minutes, and elapsed seconds. It keeps the time on track with a Swiss automatic movement.

3. Spyder X by Lamborghini

It is another masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship. If you are a car enthusiast and watch lover too then this watch is perfectly made for you. It comes in a variety of color combinations of black and others like black green, black yellow, black orange, black red, and many other color combinations.

Spyder X by Lamborghini is made of carbon fiber, stainless steel, and leather. It is a luxury watch made exclusively for lovers of Italian design watches. The push buttons (start and reset for chronograph) around the crown with engraved logo provides a feel of shifting gears of a racing car. The dial case of 53mm X 56mm is designed with beautiful screws and sapphire glass to protect the inner dial. You can find the iconic bull logo of Lamborghini at 12’O clock.


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